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The New Wave Comic-Con August 27-28th.

We are one week away from our massive event in Visalia CA. We look forward to everyone who has signed on to do autographs as well as all the wonderful vendors who have already gotten their tables reserved.

What would a Comic-Con be without all of those people who will be walking through the doors. Thank you everyone who prepaid for tickets and those who will be getting them at the door. We look forward to giving you the best show possible. Stay for the concert by the Notations, and the Cosplay costume contests will be held at 3pm Saturday and 2:30 on Sunday.

If you haven't already get your tickets into the raffle for a chance to win 2 World Series Tickets!!! Tickets are $20 a piece. At 3pm on Sunday we will be drawing the winners of that raffle.

Every kid from toddler to college students with ID's will be entered into a special drawing for 25% of the proceeds from the World Series Drawing to be written for their education. So bring the kiddos in and get them entered into that drawing. Don't miss your chance to be present for history!!!

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